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NP-F Battery Adapter Plate

Power your camera, monitor, smartphone and many other gears via NPF series battery.

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Cotinuity Camera Mount

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58mm Filter Mount

Design For iPhone 14 Pro Max / iPhone 13 Pro Max

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NP-F Battery Adapter Plate
Powrig NP-F battery adapter plate designed to power camera, on-camera monitor, and device via NP-F battery. We have 2 types of plates. The Type C version has PD 3.0 Max output 30W. Another version is with USB Max 18W output....
Ronin RS2 TB50 Battery to Alexa 35 Power Cable
This cable is designed to power the Arri Alexa 35 from DJI RoninS 2 TB50 battery. TB50 battery adapter output delivery 20-25V to the camera.Specification: Model: TB50-AL35Length: 100cm/39"Connectors: 10-pin male, 8-pin femaleCompatiable: ARRI AMIRAARRI ALEXA MiniARRI ALEXA Mini LFARRI ALEXA 3Includes:1...
1 Male to 4 Female Dtap Power Cable Splitter
Highlights:1. A convenient way to power a range of accessories, including video transmitters, camera monitors, and electric follow focus systems.2. Compatible with Dtap batteries, which are widely used in the film and video industry.3. Lightweight and easy to transport, making...
58mm Magnetic Lens Filter Mount for iPhone13 Pro Max iPhone14 Pro Max
Works with any type of 58mm filter on your iPhone13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone13 Pro Max, iPhone14, iPhone14 Pro, and iPhone14 Pro Max. Make your phone film professional videos and pictures. Features:- Works with 58mm filter(ND filter, CPL, Mist filter, Streak...
Magnet for iPhone Filter Mount
Magnet with 3M sticker pad for filter mount. What's included: - Sticker Pad x1, - Magnet x1,

Mobile Gears

iPhone Filter Mount Accessories

iPhone14 Filter Mount

Filter Mount for iPhone 14/14Pro/14Pro Max

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iPhone13 filter mount

Filter Mount for iPhone13/13Pro/13Pro Max

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Guitar Phone Holder

Record your every guitar song by phone

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Dtap to BP-DC12 Power Cable for Sigma FP Camera
The power cable allows Sigma FP camera gets the power for D-tap / P-tap battery source. With the safety design step down voltage from 14.8V(D-tap) to 7.2V(dummy battery). Specification:Model: Dtap-DC12Cable length: 31.5" / 80 cmPower input: 14.8VPower output: 7.2V-8.4VIncluded:1x Dtap to...
D-tap Power Cable for Panasonic S1, S1R, S1H Cameras
A battery power cable replacement for Panasonic DMW-BLJ31 battery. With D-tap/P-tap that can get power from the D-tap power source.Specification:Model: Dtap-S1Length: 47" / 120cmPower input: 9-18VPower output: 7.2V / 3AIncluded:1x Dtap power cable1x DMW-BLJ31 dummy battery*Reach us if you need...
LED Display D-Tap to NP-F Power cable adapter for On-Camera Monitors Recording ZOOM F6 field recorder
  NP-F / L-Series to D-Tap / P-Tap power kit allows you to draw power by connecting your D-Tap/P-Tap output from the D-tap battery directly to your monitor. Fit for Atomos, Feelworld, Neewer NW759, and the monitor can be power...
Power Cable for Pocket Cinema Camera 4K/6K(BMPCC) Connect with Ronin-S Gimbal
POWRIG Power Cable for Pocket Cinema Camera 4K/6K(BMPCC) Connect with Ronin-S Gimbal The power cable connects the BMPCC 4K/6K with DJI Ronin-S. Using Ronin-S 12V accessory power port to supply power to BMPCC 4K/6K camera.Specification:Model: RS-BMPCC4KPower output: 10.8VPower input: 12VCable...
DC Male 5.5/2.1mm to BP-DC12 Power Cable for Sigma FP Camera
This cable allows you to power the Sigma FP camera via the DC 7.2V to 8.4V source via the dammy battery power.Specification:Model: DC-DC12Cable length: 15.7" / 40cmPower input: DC 7.2-8.4VPower output: DC 7.2-8.4VIncluded:1x DC(5.5/2.1male connector) -DC12*Custom cable lengths can be...
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