Sigma Power Cables – Photo & Video Gears
Dtap to BP-DC12 Power Cable for Sigma FP Camera
The power cable allows Sigma FP camera gets the power for D-tap / P-tap battery source. With the safety design step down voltage from 14.8V(D-tap) to 7.2V(dummy battery). Specification:Model: Dtap-DC12Cable length: 31.5" / 80 cmPower input: 14.8VPower output: 7.2V-8.4VIncluded:1x Dtap to...
DC Male 5.5/2.1mm to BP-DC12 Power Cable for Sigma FP Camera
This cable allows you to power the Sigma FP camera via the DC 7.2V to 8.4V source via the dammy battery power.Specification:Model: DC-DC12Cable length: 15.7" / 40cmPower input: DC 7.2-8.4VPower output: DC 7.2-8.4VIncluded:1x DC(5.5/2.1male connector) -DC12*Custom cable lengths can be...
DW-BLC12 to Ronin-S Gimbal Power Cable for Sigma FP camera
Power cable for replaces the BP-DC12 Sigma FP camera battery. Allows you power your FP camera from RoninS gimbal.Specification:Model: BLC12-RoninSCable length: 11.8" / 30cmPower input: 12VPower output: 7.2-8.4VIncluded: 1x DW-BLC12 to RoninS power cable*Custom cable lengths can be arranged.
DJI RS2 to BP-DC12 Power Cable for Sigma FP Camera
The power cable allows the Panasonic G5/G6/G85, Sigma FP camera gets the power from the DJI Ronin S2 gimbal USB C power output port.Specification:Model: RS2-DC12Cable length: 11.8" / 30 cmPower input: 6-8.4VPower output: 8.4V /2AIncluded:1x USB C to BLC-22/BP-DC12 power cable*Custom...
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