Arri Camera Power Cables – Photo & Video Gears
Timecode Cable Tentacle Sync to ARRI Alexa Mini 3.5mm TRS to 5pin for Sound Devices
The timecode cable Tentacle Sync for ARRI ALEXA mini / XT sound devices, Zaxcom, Lockit.Cable to feed timecode from Tentacle Sync to ARRI Alexa or Sound Devices Recorder that uses a standard 0B 5pin connector.Highlights:- Connector A: Right Angle 3.5mm...
12G SDI Protector Cable for Arri Alexa Mini, Sony Venice, RED Komodo
Highlights:- Build-in safety chip in the cable to protect SDI output.- Elbow BNC male to NBC female connector with SDI protector.- Compatible Arri ALEXA Mini RED crow small arms big weapon 056W/058W monitor with other accessories with SDI socket.- Cable...
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