Panasonic Power Cables – Photo & Video Gears
D-tap Power Cable for Panasonic S1, S1R, S1H Cameras
A battery power cable replacement for Panasonic DMW-BLJ31 battery. With D-tap/P-tap that can get power from the D-tap power source.Specification:Model: Dtap-S1Length: 47" / 120cmPower input: 9-18VPower output: 7.2V / 3AIncluded:1x Dtap power cable1x DMW-BLJ31 dummy battery*Reach us if you need...
Dtap to DMW-BLK22 Power Cable for panasonic s5 camera
Highlights:- BMW-BLK22 Dummy battery power cable - Safety Dtap socket design(LED indicator) - Step down voltage from 18V to 6-8.4V - 45cm/17inch - Design for panasonic s5 cameraIncludes:1x Dtap to DMW-BLK22 Power Cable*Reach us if you need to customize the...
GH5s GH5 DMW-BLF19 Dummy Battery Power Cable for Ronin-s
Highlights:Compatibility: Ronin-S 3-axis stabilizationOutput power: Steps down 12V to 7.4V, 1AFit for: Panasonic DMC-GH3/GH4/GH5S/GH5 CamerasDummy power cable connect Ronin-S 12V accessory power port and DMW-BLF19 dummy battery(7.4V) makes the camera work longer for about 2 hours.Specification:Model: GH-RoninsPower output: Steps Down...
Highlights: - Update the RS2 to the newest firmware version- Power the GH5/GH4 camera from DJI RS2 gimbalThe RS2-BLF19 power cable connect with the DJI RS2 gimbal via a type C power output socket to power the Panasonic DMC-GH5/GH4/GH3 cameras.Specification:Model:...
Powrig DC to DMW-BLK22 Power Cable for panasonic s5 camera
Hightlights: - working voltage 6-8.4V - 5520/5521 DC power cable(Input power must around 6-8.4V) - Cable length: 35cm/13.7inch - Design for panasonic s5 camera using external power sourceIncludes:1x DC to DMW-BLK22 dummy battery power cable*Reach us if you need to...
V Mount Battery Plate for S1 S1H S1R Cameras
V mount battery plate design to power Panasonic S1 S1H S1R cameras.Attach the V mount plate with 15mm LWS rod mount to your camera rig.What Include:1 x V-Lock Plate1 x DC 5525 to DMW-BLJ31 battery cable1 x DC 5525 to...
DMW-BLF19 Dummy Battery to DC 2.1mm Power Coiled Cable
This 2.1mm DC barrel connector with 7.2V voltage output for powering the Panasonic GH5s, GH5, GH4, and GH3 cameras. Specification:Model: DC-BLF19Barrel connector: 5.5x2.1mmCoiled Cable length: 11.8-39" (30-120cm)Power input: 6-8.4VPower output: 7.2VInclude:1x DC-BLF19 coiled cable*Reach us if you need to customize...
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