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40M Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero with Max Lens Mod
Highlights:- Fit GoPro Gopro 9 /10/11/12 with Max Lens Mod,- 40meter/131FT Depth Waterproof, perfect for deep diving,- The ultimate protection for extreme activities.Specification:Model: WPM-G9Material: High-grade PMMA plasticSize: 8.3*5.0*8.8cmWeight: 90gWhat's included:1x 40M/131FT Waterproof Housing
30 meter waterproof case for Insta 360 ONE X
30-meter waterproof case for Insta360 ONE X- Dive Case for ONE X, with 1/4 screw mount- Great for scuba diving and other underwater uses- 30 meters//90foot waterproof depthSpecification:Model: WP-ONEXSuitable for Insta360 ONE X cameraIncluded:1 x set of waterproof case
Camera Safety NATO Accessory Rail (65mm/2.55inch) 1600
Highlights:- For Mounting NATO-Compatible Accessories- NATO Standard Rail- Safety Stop Pins on Each End1600 NATO rail enabling you to mount NATO handle, Clamps, and other accessories to your camera cage.Specification:Model: 1600Material: AluminumLengh: 65mmIncluded:1 x 65mm long safety NATO rail2 x...
POWRIG 30 meter waterproof case for Insta360 ONE X2
30-meter waterproof case for Insta360 ONE X- Dive Case for ONE X2, with 1/4 screw mount- Great for scuba diving and other underwater uses- 30 meters, 90 ft waterproof depthSpecification:Model: WP-ONEX2Suitable for Insta360 ONE X2 cameraIncluded:1 x set of waterproof...
POWRIG 40 meter waterproof case for Insa360 ONE X3
- Dive Case for ONE X3, with 1/4 screw mount- Great for scuba diving and other underwater uses- 40 meters/130ft waterproof depthSpecification:Model: WP-ONEX3Suitable for Insta360 ONE X3 cameraIncluded:1 x set of waterproof case
POWRIG Charger Hub for Insta 360 X3/X2 battery
Highlights:1. Applicable Equipment: This fast charge hub is applicable for Insta 360 X2 X3 camera battery, please confirm the model before use.2. Triple Battery Charging: 3 batteries can be charged at the same time, which is simple and convenient to...
POWRIG Lens Protector for Insta 360 X3 Action Camera
Highlights:To ensure your Insta360 X3 lens remains in pristine condition for years to come, we present a top-of-the-line lens protector specifically designed for the Insta360 X3. Crafted with German-made materials from Bayer, this lens protector offers superior protection while preserving...
POWRIG Lens Protector for Insta360 X2 Action Camera
Highlights:- Tailored to Perfection: Precision-designed for the Insta360 X2, this lens protector  seamlessly hugs the camera's lens, providing a custom fit that guarantees unbeatable protection.- German Bayer High-Transparency Lens: Elevate your photography experience with our lens protector's premium German Bayer...
POWRIG Aluminum Cage for Insta 360 X3 Camera
- Tailor-made for Insta360 X3 action camera, providing a precise fit and secure protection.- Dual cold shoe mounts for versatile shooting options, allowing both horizontal and vertical setups.- Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy material for enhanced portability and...
60meter/196feet Waterproof Case for DJI Action2 Camera - Black
The waterproof case design for DJI Action 2 Power Combo and Action 2 Dual-Screen. The waterproof case is made of high-strength and high-transparency materials. Depths up to 60 meters waterproof. So you can dive deeper with your camera capture videos...
  • Black
  • Transparent
Waterproof Housing for DJI OSMO Action Camera
Powrig waterproof housing made in high transmission and corrosion resistance material provides your OSMO action camera dives to 60 meters depth. Specification:Model: WPH-OSMOWaterproof depth: 60 meterWeight: 90gIncluded:1x waterproof case with base mount and screw.
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