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BNC to 3.5mm TRC Timecode Cable
Tentacle Sync to Camera / Camera to Tentacle Sync, This Timecode cable Tentacle Sync for Canon C300 / C500, Sony PDW 700 / EX3 / PMW 200, ARRI Amira Cameras, Tentacle, Zoom F8, Mixpro T10 devices.Specification:Plug A: NEUTRIK 3.5mm TRS...
12G SDI Protector Cable for Arri Alexa Mini, Sony Venice, RED Komodo
Highlights:- Build-in safety chip in the cable to protect SDI output.- Elbow BNC male to NBC female connector with SDI protector.- Compatible Arri ALEXA Mini RED crow small arms big weapon 056W/058W monitor with other accessories with SDI socket.- Cable...
POWRIG DC to RED Komodo Camera Power Cable
Hight light:- High quality and flexible cable- DC5521 DC socket for power your RED Komodo camera- Cable length: 55cm / 21.6inch- Design for RED Komodo camera Includes:1 x DC5521 to RED komodo power cable*Reach us if you need to customize...
$50.00 $32.00
D-TAP to C200, C200B, C300MKII Power Cable
POWRIG d-tap/p-tap to Canon C200, C200B, C300mkII cable allows you to power the camera from any of V mount or Gold mount battery with a d-tap/p-tap plug.Specification:Model: Dtap-C200Cable Length: 60cm(23.6inch)Custom cable lengths can be arranged. Email for more details.Included:1 x...
Canon C100, C100mkII, C200, C200B, C300, C300mkII, C500 Handgrip Extension Cable
Extend the reach of your Canon C-series handgrip, 3.5mm connector.Specification:Model: EC-CseriesCable length: 50cm(19.6inch)Fits for: Canon C-series (C100, C100mkII, C200, C200B, C300, C300mkII, C500)*Reach us if you need to customize the cable lengths.
EXT 7 Pin to 4 Dtap Power Splitter Cable for ARRI Alexa Mini
EXT 7 Pine cable allows you to get power from the Alexa Mini Camera.Specification:Output 14.8V/10A maxPlug A: EXT 7-pinPlug B: 4 Port D-tap FemaleCable Length: 50cm / 20inchIn The Box:1 x 7pin to 4 ports dtap
3.5mm to 4pin Timecode Cable Tentacle Sync for Red Epic, Scarlet-W, Raven, Weap, Gemini
Transfer audio and time code signal from Tentacle Sync Timecode Generator to the RED Epic, GEmini, RED SCARLET-W, RED RAVEN, RED WEAP cameras.Specification:Plug A: FGG.00B 4PinPlug B: Right Angle 3.5mmCable Length: 50cm / 19.6inchIn Box:1 x 4pin to 3.5mm TRC Cable*Reach...
Dtap to DC(19.5V) for Sony FX6, FX9
The cable allows you to get the power from V-mount or Gold Mount D-tap plug to Sony FX6, FX9 cameras. Specification:Cable length: 20 inches/50 cmDC Output: 19.5VWhat's In Box:1 x Dtap to FX6, FX9 power cable *Reach us if you...
DMW-BLF19 Dummy Battery to DC 2.1mm Power Coiled Cable
This 2.1mm DC barrel connector with 7.2V voltage output for powering the Panasonic GH5s, GH5, GH4, and GH3 cameras. Specification:Model: DC-BLF19Barrel connector: 5.5x2.1mmCoiled Cable length: 11.8-39" (30-120cm)Power input: 6-8.4VPower output: 7.2VInclude:1x DC-BLF19 coiled cable*Reach us if you need to customize...

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